The Science Mentors

The program was active from Sep 2020 to May 2022.
Currently the program is inactive.

The Science Mentors program supports junior scholars by connecting them to their more senior colleagues all around the world (18 countries) in mentor-mentee pairs.

  • Mentoring

  • Mentors share their experience in academia, provide advice and an outside perspective, as well as help with formulating, tracking and achieving goals through 6 consecutive meetings. We believe that such one-on-one interaction may jump-start mentees' careers in science.

  • We focus on helping those who can benefit most from having such an opportunity. Our program is competitive; in our first cycle, we had ~160 applicants, ~60 of which were admitted. The admission decisions are made by organizers based on the applicant’s CV’s and Cover Letters.

  • Mentors participate in our program voluntarily. Our program does not imply any financial or another material reward neither for the participants, nor the organizers.

  • Helpful resources

  • In addition to matching mentors and mentees, we created a collection of useful resources which can help students in planning their research education and career, identifying opportunities, applying for competitive programs.

  • We also plan to launch a series of video live streams to interview various researchers on their career paths, their learnings and advice they want to share with students.

Organizing team

PhD in Neuroscience
Product Manager, Product People

PhD in Physics,
Postdoctoral Fellow
at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics


“The Science Mentors” mentorship program is a resource created as a means of establishing connections between members of the scientific community. The program's objective is to create a mentor-mentee match to engage in scientific discussion and share experience in the field. Mentor-mentee pairs are created between scientists and students with similar scientific interests.

The program's recommended format is for mentors and mentees to participate in 6 sessions. The content of these meetings is determined by the participants at their own discretion and is not regulated by the organizers. Mentors, mentees and organizers participate in the program as individuals and do not act as representatives of any organization.

The program is not a public platform for the exchange of opinions and does not provide participants with technical means for communication. Participants choose their method of communication at their own discretion. The program is not responsible for the opinions expressed by its participants on any resources and does not moderate them in any way.

The program is not a formal education platform, commercial, public or political organization, nor does it have a legal entity. The program is not affiliated with any educational, commercial, public, political or other organization or structure. The program is completely free for all its participants.